"Flying Bantu" is an afro-fusion band from Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe that merges a traditional Zimbabwean musical signature with elements of rock, reggae, jazz and funk. We are a lively and upbeat stage band with a warm message for you! Welcome to our website!

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Welcome to FlyingBantu.com!

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Screen Shot 2017 12 13 at 1.05.27 PMHELLO! To the big wide world! ‘Flying Bantu’ is an Afro-Fusion band from Victoria Falls Zimbabwe. From right underneath the magical spray of the Victoria Falls, Flying Bantu bring you their warm messages, upbeat sound, and distinct traditional influences! The band’s unique sound embodies flavours of rock, reggae, funk and jazz. Comprised of five members that include a drummer (Sam), a guitarist (Amkela), bass guitarist (Bongani), keyboardist (Phathisani) and lead vocalist (Nash), together the five exude energy and Southern African flavor as they sing about being human, being African, and everything in between; both beautifying and challenging humanity’s complex existence.

With hoards of combined performance experience, ranging from big stage gigs to private corporate functions, Flying Bantu has transofrmed into an explosive, alchemic mix of musicians which effortlessly gives them their unique, earthy sound - which paired with their high-energy stage performance, makes for an astounding musical showpiece!  

“Our hope is that we are a product whose reach transcends the borders set by culture, race, religion and even genre in a grand quest for a togetherness amongst citizens of the world. We pride ourselves as an original “festival act” with the flexibility that allows for a scalable perforamance for more intimate occasions”.

Flying Bantu are currently taking books for 2018 / 2019, and will hopefully be in a city near you soon! Get in touch with us here 

Some more in video: