"Flying Bantu" is an afro-fusion band from Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe that merges a traditional Zimbabwean musical signature with elements of rock, reggae, jazz and funk. We are a lively and upbeat stage band with a warm message for you! Welcome to our website!


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“Flying Bantu” is a musical act from right underneath the magical spray of the Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe. Their versatile sound embodies various flavours and boldly expresses an Afro: Rock/Reggae/Funk/Jazz mix which can best be described as “Afro Fusion”. Between 2016 and early 2019, the five piece act recorded a five track EP (”Cruising Attitude”, 2017) and a ten track album “Ceasefire” Releasing March 2019.

In their short career as a touring act, they have managed to perform at various festivals with the biggest to date being South Africa’s Rocking the Daisies where they have appeared in 2016 and 2017 back to back. In November 2017, Flying Bantu were selected to open the stage for the Zimbabwean legend Oliver Mtukudzi, who performed for jubilant crowds at the icon’s 65th birthday concert at the Artscape Theatre in Cape Town. This marked a defining moment of international recognition from a regional audience which has spurred the band on to seek greater heights. Since then the band have been selected to open the stage for the likes of Johnny Clegg, Freshly Ground, PJ Powers and The Parlotones!

During the same year at Victoria Falls Carnival, they shared the stage with some big names such as MiCasa and Africa’s biggest electronic producer “Black Coffee”. Miombo Magic Music Festival, one of Zimbabwe’s bigger locally run festivals, saw the boys brush shoulders with some of Zimbabwe’s top acts, such as Sulumani Chimbetu, Ammara Brown and Hope Masike.

Flying Bantu are fast becoming a recurring feature on the regional African music scene, and this was echoed by their Main Stage performance at the 2018 Harare International Festival of The Arts (HIFA) at which powerhouses such as SA’s Lira and Freshly Ground also performed for the first time.

“Our hope is that we are a product whose reach transcends the borders set by culture, race, religion and even genre in a grand quest for a togetherness amongst citizens of the world. We are really trying our best to say something relevant in today’s world. We are expressing something born of a 21st century Africa which is culturally vulnerable, yet more assertive than the world might yet realise” - Flying Bantu