"Flying Bantu" is an afro-fusion band from Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe that merges a traditional Zimbabwean musical signature with elements of rock, reggae, jazz and funk. We are a lively and upbeat stage band with a warm message for you! Welcome to our website!


About "Cruising Attitude" 

"Cruising Attitude" is Flying Bantu's debut EP, and we're giving it to you absolutely Free! We only ask that if you like it, share it to help us get the word out, and visit our facebook page and let us know what you think!

February of 2016 marked the beginning of the project which became known as Flying Bantu. It has taken us a year of hard work and lots of fun to come up with and prepare this debut EP, which at its lowest level of engagement is aimed at giving you, the listener, a snippet of what we are trying to express. Join us on our quest to find our sound, and explore that crucial artistic landscape where we can meet and interact, dance, sing and reflect.

Cruising Attitude is a mindset which when one achieves, they become progressive - and whatever goals they set for themselves fall forever closer. This EP is a gift and a show of gratitude to all those friends, family and strangers alike who have supported us and indeed all those who enjoy music and have a taste for something different. We wish and hope that you share it far and wide and use it to cement a world of peace, friendship and togetherness.  We are living in very interesting times which if approached correctly, we believe could usher us into a new era of connectivity amongst ourselves and our planet.

The songs we have picked dabble with concepts of love and war, peace and hope, jealousy and joy, without leaving out our friend and home, Africa. We have tried to share both lighthearted sentiments and the more emotional, heavier realities of our 21st century existence. We did our best to remain unpretentious and true to our musicality and poetry and we hope that the raw, ‘live sounding’ quirkiness of this production depicts our passion and love for what we do.

And so be it, it’s yours to do with as you wish. 

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